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Inspired an article by D. J. Tice in 1986 August Ambassador Magazine (TWA) by Richard Conn Henry

Summary: Inspired an article by D. J. Tice in 1986 August Ambassador Magazine (TWA)
by Richard Conn Henry
Passenger boarding had been delayed a few minutes, but now Wilson was striding
down the aisle looking for his seat. He spotted the boy with a sense of unreal shock,
and then realized that he would be sitting next to him.
The resemblance was extraordinary--the broad forehead, the frowning appearance,
and the squat demeanor. It was all too familiar.
He sat down next to the boy in a daze. The man in the window seat was
presumably the boy's father. Wilson knew he had to talk, had to engage the boy's
father in conversation.
The plane was accelerating now for take-off. Wilson looked up the aisle, at all the
"normal" people. At first he and Janie had thought that Sarah was a Down's syndrome
baby, and had been prepared to love a gentle child for what she was. But the doctor,
and subsequent genetic counseling, had told them that they were wrong; that Sarah was
a perfectly normal little girl. Perfectly normal, just very different from any little girl
that they had ever seen before. And now here was another.
The stewardesses made their little speeches, and the Captain said his words of
welcome, and Wilson searched around for an opening. Seeing that the man was
reading the August "Ambassador" magazine, that Wilson had read on the flight east the


Source: Henry, Richard C.- Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Physics