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University of Houston Department of Public Safety Fire Marshal's Office University Police Department

Summary: University of Houston Department of Public Safety
Fire Marshal's Office University Police Department
Rm. 107 (713) 743-1635 Fax (713) 743-5169
I. Contractor / Shop Doing Work Completes A or B:
II. Obtain from Work Control:
III. Worksite Information:
Any After Hour or Weekend Work?
Minimum requirements: (1) Requestor must obtain a work request number from Work Control before permit is valid
and work may begin. (2) There must be a minimum of one 3A:40BC multi-purpose extinguisher on site. (3) All cutting and
welding operations must cease by 3:00 PM daily. (4) All cutting and welding work to be performed before 7:00 AM or, after
3:00pm daily, or on weekends, must be stated and pre-arranged with Plant Operations and Building Maintenance. (5) The
Fire Alarm Shop extension 713-743-5762, and/or the Fire Marshal's office extension 713-743-1635 must be
notified if work is re-scheduled, canceled, or completed before 3:00 PM. (6) A fire watch must be provided at all locations
due to the potential for a catastrophic fire. A fire watch requires that a person, who is trained in the use of a extinguisher, is
familiar with the facility, and the procedure for sounding the fire alarm: (a) Watch for fires; (b) Notify the building occupants
in the case of fire by sounding the alarm; (c) Notify the fire department by calling 911; (d) Attempt to extinguish the fire if
within the capacity of the equipment available; and (e) Inspect work area and all adjacent areas to which sparks and heat
might have spread including floors above and below and on opposite sides of wall for at least 30 minutes after the work was
completed. (7) Permits must be posted at the jobsite.


Source: Azevedo, Ricardo - Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology