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Response to Comment on "Global Biodiversity, Biochemical Kinetics,

Summary: Response to Comment on "Global
Biodiversity, Biochemical Kinetics,
and the Energetic-Equivalence Rule"
Contrary to the critique by Storch (1), the
model that we presented (2) was not intended
to be a comprehensive theory that could ac-
count for all patterns and processes of species
diversity. It was intended to show that species
richness in many groups of plants and ani-
mals has the same relationship to environ-
mental temperature that metabolic rate has to
body temperature. We offered a model based
on the direct effect of metabolic rate on re-
source use, and thereby on population densi-
ty, to illustrate one class of mechanistic pro-
cess that could, by itself or in interaction with
other processes, account for this pattern. We
were well aware that this model could apply
only to ectothermic organisms and not to
endothermic birds and mammals.


Source: Allen, Andrew P. - National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California at Santa Barbara
Gillooly, Jamie - Department of Biology, University of Florida


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology