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Correctness of Model-based Component Composition without State Explosion

Summary: Correctness of Model-based Component Composition
without State Explosion

Paul C. Attie David H. Lorenz
Northeastern University
College of Computer & Information Science
Boston, Massachusetts 02115 USA°
attie,lorenzĘ @ccs.neu.edu
Abstract. We present a methodology for designing component-based systems
and verifying their temporal behavior properties. Our verification method is mostly
automatic, and is not susceptible to the well-known state-explosion problem,
which has hitherto severely limited the practical applicability of automatic ver-
ification methods. Our method specifies the externally visible behavior of each
component £ as several behavioral interface automaton (BIA), one for each of
the other components which £ interacts directly with. A BIA is a finite-state
automaton whose transitions can be labeled with method calls. For each pair of
directly interacting components, we compute the product of the BIA. These "pair
machines" are then verified mechanically. The verified "pair properties" are then
combined deductively to deduce global properties. Since the pair-machines are
the product of only two components, they are small, and so their mechanical veri-


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences