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HSL Fire Evacuation Plan HSL Appendix 1

Summary: Appendix 1
HSL Fire Evacuation Plan
HSL Appendix 1
Page 1 of 7 Review by 11/2009
A Fire evacuation plan for Health Services Library (9am-4.30pm-
weekdays): To be used if the Continuous Alarm goes off or if there
is a fire in the Library.
1. In the event of a fire or smoke in the library break the
nearest break glass alarm and if safe raise the alarm by
ringing extension 2222 and Please note if there is only a
smell of smoke contact Health and Safety on Bleep 9911
(Monday - Friday 08.30-5.00) or Site Manager Bleep 2238 (All
To ring a bleep dial `15' wait for the message and then dial
the Bleep number followed by your extension, e.g. 6541
2. The most senior person will co-ordinate the evacuation plan and
will liaise with the Fire Service and Security in the event of smoke
or fire in the Library. The most senior person will need to report
to the Fire Brigade, so will go to the South Academic entrance to


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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