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A Cost Analysis Framework for NEMO Prefix Delegation-based Schemes

Summary: 1
A Cost Analysis Framework for NEMO Prefix
Delegation-based Schemes
Abu Zafar M. Shahriar, Md. Shohrab Hossain and Mohammed Atiquzzaman
School of Computer Science
The University of Oklahoma, OK 73019, USA
Email: {shahriar, shohrab, atiq}@ou.edu
Abstract--Network Mobility (NEMO) efficiently manages the
mobility of multiple nodes that moves together as a mobile
network. A major limitation of the basic protocol in NEMO
is the inefficient route between end hosts. A number of prefix
delegation-based schemes have been proposed in the literature
to solve the route optimization problem in NEMO. Approaches
used by the schemes trade off delivery of packets through the
partially-optimized route with signaling and other processing
overheads. Cost of delivering packets through the partially-
optimized route along with signaling and processing cost need to
be measured to find out the gain from tradeoff. However, cost
analysis performed so far on NEMO protocols consider only
the cost of signaling. In this paper, we have developed analytical


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences