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October 2011 Logica 2011. All rights reserved

Summary: Lunar
David Iron
October 2011
Logica 2011. All rights reserved
Logica was selected by ESA to develop automated
algorithms for identifying surface features on the
Moon (and Mars)
ESA Technical Officer: Agustin Chicarro
see ESA Bulletin, August 2009
Logica was selected by STFC (PPARC) to develop
precision landing techniques and technology for Mars
part of the CREST programme
Several of Japan's operational satellites rely on Logica
pattern recognition software to detect surface
features using optical sensors and apply corrections in
near real-time (c. 3 sec delay)
Logica's use of pattern recognition in operational
control systems builds on a world-leading heritage in
medical, defence, industrial, security and other


Source: Anand, Mahesh - Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research, Department of Earth Sciences, Open University


Collections: Geosciences