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New approach for modelling distributed MEMS transmission lines

Summary: New approach for modelling distributed MEMS
transmission lines
K. Topalli, M. Unlu, S. Demir, O. Aydin Civi, S. Koc and T. Akin
Abstract: The paper presents a new and more accurate model for the distributed MEMS
transmission line (DMTL) structures. In this new model, the MEMS bridges that are used as the
loading elements of the DMTL structures are represented as low-impedance transmission lines,
rather than a lumped CLR circuit. The model also includes LC networks at the transition points
from the MEMS bridges to the unloaded parts of the DMTL, which are simply high-impedance
transmission lines. These LC networks are employed to model the effects of the impedance
discontinuities. The accuracy of the model is verified with simulations and measurements in the
range 120GHz on various DMTL structures that are fabricated with an RF MEMS process
based on electroforming on a glass substrate. The measurement results of the fabricated devices are
in good agreement with the model with an error less than 5%. It is shown that this new model
provides better agreement than the conventional method for the DMTL structures with a bridge
width larger than 50mm.
1 Introduction
Distributed MEMS transmission lines (DMTLs) are used in
implementation of phase shifters [14], resonators [5] and
filters [6], which are the key components in phased arrays,
radars, wireless communication systems and measurement


Source: Akin, Tayfun - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University


Collections: Engineering