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Nanyang Technological University JBSP: A BSP Programming Library In Java

Summary: Nanyang Technological University
JBSP: A BSP Programming Library In Java
Gu Yan
A thesis submitted to the Nanyang Technological University
in the ful lment of the requirement for the degree of
Master of Applied Science
August 1999

General purpose parallel computing systems come in a variety of forms, among which there
are distributed memory multiprocessors and shared memory architectures. Over the past
few years, the focus of the parallel computing community is gradually moving from those
expensive parallel computers to networked computers. This move has been accelerated
with the increase in network computers' computing power as well as the wide spread of
Java programming language which supports the concept of \Write once run anywhere".
To make parallel computing similar to the normal form of computing, Valiant proposed
the BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) model which describes parallel computers in general.
Some BSP libraries have been implemented in Fortran, C, and C++. This thesis will
report on the development of a Java-based Bulk Synchronous Parallel (JBSP) system.
JBSP uses a two-daemon architecture, i.e. on each host the communication and com-


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences