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Magnetic field induced alignmentorientation conversion: Nonlinear energy shift and predissociation in Te2 B1u state

Summary: Magnetic field induced alignment­orientation conversion: Nonlinear energy
shift and predissociation in Te2 B1u state
M. Auzinsh, A. V. Stolyarov,a)
M. Tamanis, and R. Ferber
Department of Physics, University of Latvia, Riga, LV-1586, Latvia
Received 29 December 1995; accepted 28 March 1996
The paper analyzes magnetic field induced alignment­orientation conversion AOC phenomenon
caused by simultaneous effect of quadratic terms in Zeeman energy shift and magnetic
predissociation PD , producing asymmetry either in energy splitting MM 1 M 1 M or in
relaxation of coherence MM 1 M 1 M between coherently excited M, M 1 magnetic
sublevels. The AOC is registered via the appearance of circular polarization (C) of fluorescence
under linearly polarized excitation. The unified perturbation treatment of a molecule in external
magnetic field B is presented, accounting for magnetic and intramolecular perturbations via
interaction with bonded or continuum states, considering Hund's c -case coupling and dividing the
intramolecular perturbation operator into homogeneous 0 and heterogeneous 1
parts. Explicit expressions up to B2
terms are given for energy shift and PD rate, adapted to 1u state
in conditions relevant to the B 3
u complex of Te2 molecule. Numeric simulation revealed that
nonlinear magnetic energy shift and heterogeneous magnetic PD produce dispersion type


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics