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Information about Funding for PhD Students in Mechanical Engineering Info for all PhD students

Summary: Information about Funding for PhD Students in Mechanical Engineering
Info for all PhD students:
Questions related to the information found in this document should be directed to the
Academic Services Office (ASO) at me-aso@umich.edu.
All PhD students who entered the program in Fall 2009 or later and who are making satisfactory
progress toward the PhD degree will receive at least $25,000 stipend for 2010-11 and beyond,
plus 100% waiver of tuition and registration & mandatory fees, and benefits, regardless of the
type of funding being provided. Types of funding include fellowship, GSRA (Graduate Student
Research Assistant), GSI (Graduate Student Instructor), GSSA (Graduate Student Staff Assistant),
and temporary employee appointments.
The Department, Advisors and Rackham use all funding resources possible to provide financial
aid to PhD students in the department. Consequently, students are typically paid via multiple
funding mechanisms during their tenure in the program and often, more than one mechanism is
used to pay a single student in any given year or sometimes even in a single term.
Each time a funding mechanism changes, so does the schedule on which a student is paid and
how income taxes and benefits are handled (see below for details).
All students, regardless of how they are being funded, are eligible for GradCare health insurance
and the UM dental plan Dental Option I at no cost. However, benefits eligibility and enrollment
must be reinstated each time a change in funding mechanism occurs; therefore, it is important
for students to check their benefits elections on Wolverine Access each time their funding


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


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