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NEUROLOGY 2006;66:304305 Editorial Is myelination the precipitating

Summary: NEUROLOGY 2006;66:304305 Editorial
Is myelination the precipitating
neural event for language development
in infants and toddlers?
Richard N. Aslin, PhD; and Bradley L. Schlaggar, MD, PhD
Language is uniquely human and emerges rapidly
during early childhood. Many speculations have been
raised about brain mechanisms that might mediate
these two properties, most notably the specialization
of regions of the left frontal and temporal cortices.
The metric of left hemisphere specialization comes in
various forms, including greater volume, superior
processing efficiency for linguistic materials, and--
the focus of the article by Pujol et al.1
fidelity of intracortical and corticocortical communi-
cation due to progressive myelination. Although
their article is not the first to propose, based on gross
anatomy, that myelination is suspiciously coincident
with the timing of early language/cognitive develop-


Source: Aslin, Richard N. - Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester


Collections: Biology and Medicine