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MATH 1271 CALCULUS I SPRING 2003 Lecture 030 MWF 11:15am-12:05pm 1701 Univ. Ave. 143

Summary: MATH 1271 CALCULUS I SPRING 2003
Lecture 030 MWF 11:15am-12:05pm 1701 Univ. Ave. 143
Instructor: Alexander Alekseenko, 508 Vincent Hall,
phone: (612) 624-4564
e-mail: alekseen@math.umn.edu
web: www.math.umn.edu/~alekseen/teach1271.htm
Textbook. J. Stewart, Calculus. Early Transcendentals, 4th Edition, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company,
Course content. Tangent lines; limits and continuity; di erentiation: de nition, basic rules, chain rule,
rule for trig, exp and log functions; implicit di erentiation; rates of change, max-min, related rates problems; 2nd
derivative test; curve sketching; linear approximation and di erentials; L'Hospital's rule; integration: de nition,
antidi erentiation, area; simple substitution; volume of solids by cross sections and shells; works; average value
of a function. 4 credits. 3 lectures, 2 recitations per week.
Homework and quiz arrangements. Homework problems are listed for each section in the Lecture
Schedule attached to the syllabus. Your TA will collect, and grade some subsets of the problems on the list,
and will be responsible for all arrangements to do with homework and quizzes which take place in recitation.
Absence from exams. Missing a midterm is permitted only for the most compelling reason. Except
in extraordinary situations, permissions should be obtained in advance from the professor to miss an exam;
otherwise you will be awarded a 0. If you are excused from taking a midterm, you course grade will be
determined by giving extra weight to the nal exam. Except in extremely exceptional situations, a student who


Source: Alekseenko, Alexander - Department of Mathematics, California State University, Northridge


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