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Gaze-Based Interaction for Semi-Automatic Photo Cropping

Summary: Gaze-Based Interaction for
Semi-Automatic Photo Cropping
Anthony Santella Maneesh Agrawala Doug DeCarlo David Salesin Michael Cohenž
We present an interactive method for cropping photographs
given minimal information about the location of important
content, provided by eye tracking. Cropping is formulated in
a general optimization framework that facilitates adding new
composition rules, as well as adapting the system to partic-
ular applications. Our system uses fixation data to identify
important content and compute the best crop for any given
aspect ratio or size, enabling applications such as automatic
snapshot recomposition, adaptive documents, and thumb-
nailing. We validate our approach with studies in which
users compare our crops to ones produced by hand and by
a completely automatic approach. Experiments show that
viewers prefer our gaze-based crops to uncropped images
and fully automatic crops.
Author Keywords
cropping, photography, composition, evaluation, eye track-


Source: Agrawala, Maneesh - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley
Narasayya, Vivek - Data Management, Exploration and Mining Group, Microsoft Research
Washington at Seattle, University of - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Graphics and Imaging Laboratory


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences