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Cryptography in NC0 (EXTENDED ABSTRACT)

Summary: Cryptography in NC0
Benny Applebaum Yuval Ishai
Computer Science Department, Technion
Eyal Kushilevitz
We study the parallel time-complexity of basic crypto-
graphic primitives such as one-way functions (OWFs) and
pseudorandom generators (PRGs). Specifically, we study
the possibility of computing instances of these primitives
by NC0
circuits, in which each output bit depends on a
constant number of input bits. Despite previous efforts in
this direction, there has been no significant theoretical ev-
idence supporting this possibility, which was posed as an
open question in several previous works.
We essentially settle this question by providing over-
whelming positive evidence for the possibility of cryptog-
raphy in NC0


Source: Applebaum, Benny - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences