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Dr Michael Ibison Senior Research Physicist -Institute for

Summary: Dr Michael Ibison
Senior Research Physicist - Institute for
Advanced Studies at Austin
School of Electronics and Computer Science,
School of Physics and Astronomy.
On completion of a BSc in Electronics from the University of
Southampton Michael spent the summer of 1980 on an exchange
program at State University of New York before returning to
Southampton to commence a research programme in Electronics and
Laser Physics.
During the completion of theoretical research Michael undertook some
part-time teaching at a local school & college and by 1984 had moved
away from the University to take up a position at Plessey (now
Siemens). During this time Michael noted his motivation was to get an
end product. "I convinced myself that the PhD was for ego only, hence
no need to write up". In addition Michael comments how the financial
benefits were more tangible in employment than completing his
Three things helped Michael to reconsider his opinion of the PhD
during these initial years of employment. Firstly a manager with a PhD


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics