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Simultaneous parametric oscillation and signal-to-idler conversion for efficient

Summary: Simultaneous parametric oscillation and
signal-to-idler conversion for efficient
Gil Porat,* Ofer Gayer, and Ady Arie
Department of Physical Electronics, Fleischman Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
*Corresponding author: gilporat@post.tau.ac.il
Received January 25, 2010; revised March 10, 2010; accepted March 13, 2010;
posted March 18, 2010 (Doc. ID 123253); published April 26, 2010
We experimentally demonstrate an optical parametric oscillator, whose signal pumps another difference-
frequency generation process. Engineered idler frequency coincidence of both processes in a single quasi-
periodic crystal improves pump-to-idler slope efficiency by 52.8%, from 15.25% to 23.3%, and pump-to-idler
conversion efficiency (at an average pump power of 1.2 W) by 16.6%, from 12.5% to 14.58%. 2010 Optical
Society of America
OCIS codes: 190.4223, 190.4970.
Tunable and coherent IR radiation is commonly pro-
vided by a quasi-phase-matched optical parametric
oscillator (OPO) [1] pumped by a laser of frequency
p, generating signal frequency s and idler fre-
quency i, satisfying p= s+ i. The quantum effi-
ciency of the frequency downconversion process of the


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering