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Job Management in Grids ofMOSIX Clusters David Abramson, Amnon Barak and Colin Enticott

Summary: Job Management in Grids ofMOSIX Clusters
David Abramson, Amnon Barak and Colin Enticott§
School of Computer Science Institute of Computer Science § CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology
& Software Engineering, The Hebrew University Jerusalem c/o School of Computer Science & SE
Monash University, Clayton, Jerusalem 91904, Monash University, Clayton
Australia, 3800 Israel Australia, 3800
davida@csse.monash.edu.au amnon@cs.huji.ac.il Colin.Enticott@csse.monash.edu.au
EnFuzion and MOSIX are two packages that represent
different approaches to cluster management. EnFuzion is
a user-level queuing system that can dispatch a
predetermined number of processes to a cluster. It is a
commercial version of Nimrod, a tool that supports
parameter sweep applications on a variety of platforms.
MOSIX, on the other hand, is operating system (kernel)
level software that supports preemptive process migration
for near optimal, cluster-wide resource management,
virtually makings the cluster run like an SMP.
Traditionally, users either use EnFuzion with a
conventional cluster operating system, or MOSIX without


Source: Abramson, David - Caulfield School of Information Technology, Monash University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences