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1 INTRODUCTION Even if backfill has been placed in underground

Even if backfill has been placed in underground
stoping areas for many decades, it can be said that
backfilling still remains a growing trend in mining
operations around the world. This is particularly the
case in Canada where significant efforts have been
devoted, over the last twenty five years or so, to
improve our understanding of mining with backfill
(e.g., Nantel 1983, Udd 1989, Hassani & Archibald
1998, Ouellet & Servant 2000, Belem et al. 2000,
In recent years, the increased use of backfill in
mining has been fueled by environmental
considerations (e.g., Aubertin et al. 2002). Many
regulations now favor (and sometimes require) that
the maximum quantity of wastes from the mine and
the mill be returned to underground workings. This
practice may induce significant advantages, as it can
reduce the environmental impact of surface disposal
and the costs of waste management during mine


Source: Aubertin, Michel - Département des génies civil, géologique et des mines, École Polytechnique de Montréal


Collections: Engineering; Environmental Management and Restoration Technologies