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Exact algorithm for delay-constrained capacitated minimum spanning tree network

Summary: Exact algorithm for delay-constrained capacitated
minimum spanning tree network
Y.J. Lee and M. Atiquzzaman
Abstract: The delay-constrained capacitated minimum spanning tree (DC-CMST) problem of
finding several broadcast trees from a source node is discussed. While the traditional CMST
problem deals with only the traffic capacity constraint served by a port of the source node, and
delay-constrained minimum spanning tree (DCMST) considers only the maximum end­end
delay constraint, the DC-CMST problem deals with both the mean network delay and traffic
capacity constraints. The DC-CMST problem consists of finding a set of minimum cost spanning
trees to link end-nodes to a source node satisfying the traffic requirements at end-nodes and the
required mean delay of the network. In the DC-CMST problem, the objective function is to mini-
mise the total link cost. A dynamic programming-based three-phase algorithm that solves the
DC-CMST problem is proposed. In the first phase, the algorithm generates feasible solutions to
satisfy the traffic capacity constraint. It finds the CMSTs in the second phase, and allocates the
optimal link capacities to satisfy the mean delay constraint in the third phase. Performance evalu-
ation shows that the proposed algorithm has good efficiency for any network with less than 30
nodes and light traffic. The proposed algorithm can be applied to any network regardless of its con-
figuration, and used for the topological design of local networks and for efficient routing algorithms
capable of constructing least cost broadcast trees.
1 Introduction


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences