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IFC2x3 Resource Version Author Jiri Hietanen (jiri.hietanen@tut.fi)

Summary: IFC2x3 Resource Version
Author Jiri Hietanen (jiri.hietanen@tut.fi)
Version 2
Date 21.12.2007
The IAI1
has developed the IFC2
data model that is designed to cover all
stages of the life cycle of the built environment, for all actors involved globally.
The IFC model consists of a schema and its documentation.
IFC implementations in software are made against a view of the IFC data
model, because only a part of its full scope is relevant to any given
application. The methodology for defining the view is called MVD3
The current version of IFC is IFC2x3 and a `coordination view' of this release
has been implemented in software. This view pre-dates MVD and is not yet
based on this methodology.
Research topic
IFC2x3 and prior releases have been developed hand-in-hand with the
coordination view. In this development the separation of the model (schema


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences