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Pain Characteristic Differences Between Subacute and Chronic Mona Lisa Chanda,* Matthew D. Alvin,y

Summary: Pain Characteristic Differences Between Subacute and Chronic
Back Pain
Mona Lisa Chanda,* Matthew D. Alvin,y
Thomas J. Schnitzer,y
and A. Vania Apkarian*,y,z,x
Departments of *Physiology, z
Anesthesia, and x
Surgery, and y
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Feinberg School of
Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois.
Abstract: Back pain is commonly classified based on duration. There is currently limited information
regarding differences in the clinical features of back pain between these duration-based groupings.
Here, we compared the pain characteristics of patients with subacute (SBP; pain 616 weeks, n = 40)
and chronic back pain (CBP; pain $1 year, n = 37) recruited from the general population. CBP patients
reported significantly higher pain intensity on the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) compared to SBP
patients. Based on this finding, we investigated group differences and their dependence on VAS
for the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), sensory and affective dimensions of the McGill Pain
Questionnaire (MPQ-S and MPQ-A), Neuropathic Pain Scale (NPS), and the variability of spontaneous
pain. Correction for VAS abolished significant group differences on the MPQ-S, MPQ-A and NPS. Only
a significant difference in the variability of spontaneous pain was independent of VAS. Finally,


Source: Apkarian, A. Vania - Department of Physiology, Northwestern University


Collections: Biology and Medicine