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Cyclotomic Euclidean Number Fields Reza Akhtar

Summary: Cyclotomic Euclidean Number Fields
Reza Akhtar
Senior thesis
Submitted to the Department of Mathematics
In partial ful llment of the requirements
For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors
24th March, 1995

I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor, Barry Mazur, for his guidance and
criticism of my work, also to Hendrik Lenstra of the University of California, Berkeley
for providing me with many of the references which I have used in writing this thesis.
In addition, I would like to thank Michael Zieve (Berkeley), Larry Roberts (University
of British Columbia), Bill Bradley, and Leonid Fridman for giving me numerous useful
suggestions regarding the content of this work, helping me with typsetting, and editing
drafts. Finally, I extend my thanks to all the mathematics teachers I have had, beginning
with my mother, for preparing me to undertake this challenging yet rewarding task.



Source: Akhtar, Reza - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Miami University (Ohio)


Collections: Mathematics