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Integrated Graphic Environment to Develop Applications based on Attribute Grammars

Summary: Integrated Graphic Environment to Develop
Applications based on Attribute Grammars
Tibor Gyimóthy * , Zoltán Alexin * and Róbert Szücs **
* Research Group on the Theory of Automata,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
H­6720 Szeged Aradi vértanúk tere 1.
e­mail: h42gyi@ella.hu and h157ale@ella.hu
** Cogito, Software Research and Development Ltd.
H­6725 Szeged Szentháromság utca 75/B.
Abstract. This paper presents an overview of an integrated graphic environment
called P­GEN (1) to develop applications based on attribute grammars. The
system has a modular structure to enable integration of different modules for all
phases of the processing of an attribute grammar specification. This environment
contains routines for transforming attribute grammar specifications written in
different formalisms to an internal representation. The system assists the
interpretation of the most important evaluation strategies. The graphic
representation of the parse trees and attributed dependency graphs is also
1 Introduction
Attribute grammars [Knu68] are probably the most adequate of the tools available


Source: Alexin, Zoltán - Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences