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Characterizing Knee-Bounce in Bipedal Robotic Walking: A Zeno Behavior Approach

Summary: Characterizing Knee-Bounce in Bipedal Robotic Walking:
A Zeno Behavior Approach
Aaron D. Ames
Mechanical Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
This paper studies the walking behavior of kneed bipedal
robots with knee-lock and knee-bounce, formally demon-
strating that if knee-locking results in stable bipedal walk-
ing, then small amounts of knee-bounce still will result in
a walking gait for the robot. To achieve this result, hybrid
system models of bipeds are considered wherein knee-bounce
corresponds to Zeno behavior. Using results on Zeno stabil-
ity, we propose a notion of generalized completion that allows
solutions to be carried beyond the Zeno point, i.e., carried
beyond knee-bounce. We assume that the completed hy-
brid system has a periodic orbit when the impacts are per-
fectly plastic--a plastic periodic orbit, or walking gait with


Source: Ames, Aaron - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University


Collections: Engineering