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sr-rockettrace(1) sr-rockettrace(1) sr-rockettrace -Robust traceroute for network mapping

Summary: sr-rockettrace(1) sr-rockettrace(1)
sr-rockettrace - Robust traceroute for network mapping
sr-rockettrace [-S starting-hop] [-n] [--use-tcp] [-q ]
A traceroute-like program that sends probes in columns-first order, gives up after a couple timeouts, stops
when a routing loop is encountered, and uses the undns library (if present) to decode router location.
Columns-first order is useful because routing changes during execution are apparent - if a routing change
occurs, two columns will differ. With traceroute's row-first order, routing changes between rows can go
undetected, giving the illusion of false links.
If a couple hops don't respond in a row, it's likely that either your trace is hitting a firewall, or your traffic is
disappearing into a routing hole. In either case, more traffic is more likely to cause complaints than yield
new information, so rockettrace stops.
Finally, the undns library provides a pretty good guess for which AS actually owns the router and where the
router lies based on DNS hostname. When run locally with undns installed, sr-rockettrace prints AS num-
bers in square brackets, the AS inferred by name first, by origin IP address second. It prints city locations in
curly braces.
Aside from the enhancements, rockettrace outputs data intended to clone traceroute as closely as possible to
support common parsing and analysis scripts.


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences