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Interviewing For Employment

Summary: Interviewing
For Employment
Some key points:
Your resume got you the interview; your interview gets you the job or internship offer.
Employers use interviews to assess your fit based on their organization's needs. You need
to use the interview to promote your skills and personal attributes in a compelling fashion.
The typical 5 step interviewing process is as follows: (1.) Resumes are collected,
(2.) resumes are reviewed, (3.) candidates are selected, (4.) candidates are contacted, (5.)
interviews occur.
Interview formats:
On-Grounds Interviews (OGI)
You must attend a mandatory On-Grounds Orientation to participate in On-Grounds
Interviews. On-Grounds interviews are usually 30 minute screening interviews which take place
before an on-site visit. An information session may be held prior to the interview and the
employer expects you to attend as most will not have time to repeat company information in your
On-Site/Off-Grounds Interviews
Many on-site interviews are gained via the CavLink job listings and the career fairs. Interviews
are held on-site so that candidates can meet different people within the organization. These
interviews can last a full day. Check out our handout "On-Site Interviews with Employers"


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences