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Supplement to Guidelines for Graduate Study Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Summary: Supplement to Guidelines for Graduate Study
Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology
This document provides supplemental information to the Departmental Guidelines for
Graduate Study. Students can also find additional information in the Catalog> and at and Physiology> websites regarding KU regulations: general information, admission rules and
procedures, description of degrees, University requirements for degrees, comprehensive oral
exams, candidacy, dissertations, and final oral exams.
Selection of a Student Advisory Committee (SAC). Following a discussion with the
mentor, the graduate student should then contact the mutually agreed upon committee
members via email/phone requesting their participation. The committee must consist of at
least five members of the KU graduate faculty including the mentor, more than five members
is acceptable, however, scheduling of meetings becomes more difficult. The Physiology
Graduate Program Director should be notified of the SAC committee members once selected
and when changes in membership occur.
Make up of the SAC/Dissertation Committee: The mentor serves as the chair of the
committee. At least one member must be a tenure-track faculty member with a primary
appointment in the Molecular and Integrative Physiology Department. This member is
referred to as the Departmental Representative. The Dept. Representative may be the mentor


Source: Albertini, David - Center for Reproductive Sciences, University of Kansas


Collections: Biology and Medicine