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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Clinical Guidelines: the GLARE Approach

Summary: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Clinical Guidelines:
the GLARE Approach
Paolo Terenziani½, Stefania Montani½, Alessio Bottrighi½, Mauro Torchio¾, Gianpaolo
Molino¾, Luca Anselma¿, and Gianluca Correndo¿
DI, Univ. Piemonte Orientale "A. Avogadro"
Spalto Marengo 33, Alessandria, Italy
Lab. Informatica Clinica, Az. Ospedaliera S. G. Battista
C.so Bramante 88, Torino, Italy
Dipartimento di Informatica, Universit`a di Torino
Corso Svizzera 185, Torino, Italy
Abstract. In this paper, we present GLARE, a domain-independent system for
acquiring, representing and executing clinical guidelines. GLARE is character-
ized by the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques at different levels
in the definition and implementation of the system.
First of all, a high-level and user-friendly knowledge representation language has
been designed, providing a set of representation primitives.
Second, a user-friendly acquisition tool has been designed and implemented, on


Source: Anselma, Luca - Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences