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1. Introduction In many eclogite-bearing terranes of continental affin-

Summary: 1. Introduction
In many eclogite-bearing terranes of continental affin-
ity, eclogite occurs as small pods or boudins sur-
rounded by felsic or pelitic gneiss or schist that show
low-pressure assemblages, ranging from greenschist- to
granulite-facies (see, for example, Heinrich, 1982;
Coleman & Wang, 1995). The close occurrence of such
different metamorphic assemblages may be explained
in three ways. First, it has been suggested that eclogite
pods were tectonically emplaced into country rock that
never experienced high-pressure conditions (Smith,
1988). Tectonic emplacement of high-density eclogite
into low-density gneiss is, however, mechanically
implausible and is generally not accepted (Cuthbert,
Harvey & Carswell, 1983; Cuthbert & Carswell, 1990).
In our study area (the Western Gneiss Region of
Norway) there is no field evidence, such as steep shear
zones adjacent to eclogite, to support this hypothesis
(Krabbendam & Wain, 1997).
Secondly, the country rock experienced eclogite-


Source: Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge - Centre for Physics of Geological Processes & Department of Geosciences, Universitetet i Oslo


Collections: Geosciences