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Past, Present and Future of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments

Summary: Past, Present and Future of Ambient
Intelligence and Smart Environments
Juan Carlos Augusto1
University of Ulster, Jordanstown, United Kingdom jc.augusto@ulster.ac.uk
Summary. We are gradually making a transition to a new era where computers
become truly intertwined with our daily lives. Up to not so long ago, we were able
to know clearly where computers were and in which way they affected our lives.
This has been gradually blurred and now computing devices of various types are
all around us, embedded in different objects we interact with and in that way they
influence our lives. There are indications that this trend is irreversible and that
computing and society will now interact with each other in far richer ways than
before, to the point that computing will become transparent to humans and still
intrinsically involved in our daily living. This paper provides a brief overview of the
evolution of these fields, describes some of the current developments, and points at
some of the immediate challenges that researchers in these area face.
1 The Past
For centuries humans have witnessed scientific and technological leaps that
changed the lives of their generation, and those to come, forever. We are no
exception. In fact so much of those advances are occurring now, in a more or
less unperceived way. Slowly and silently technology is becoming interwoven


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences