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BNF 5106 / BIOL 5515 Fall 2010 BNF 5106 / BIOL 5515 Bioinformatics

Summary: BNF 5106 / BIOL 5515 Fall 2010
BNF 5106 / BIOL 5515 Bioinformatics
Course description
Major concepts and methods of bioinformatics. Topics may include, but are not
limited to: genetics, statistics & probability theory, alignments, phylogenetics, ge-
nomics, data mining, protein structure, cell simulation and computing.
Deonier RC, Tavar´e S and Waterman MS. 2005. Computational genome analy-
sis. Springer, New York. [availability: http://www.springerlink.com/content/
Mini-review papers (two in total)(1)
: 40% (20% + 20%)
Research seminar(2)
: 60% (30% + 30%)
1. Students will have to write two short reviews (one per half term; up to five
pages plus one page of references) on an imposed topic extending the concepts
covered in class.
2. Students will present a research seminar individually or by groups of twos.
Research topics can be suggested, although students are encouraged to submit


Source: Aris-Brosou, Stéphane - Department of Biology, University of Ottawa


Collections: Biology and Medicine