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Inlichtingenblad, matlab en simulink handleiding en

Summary: Inlichtingenblad, matlab­ en
simulink handleiding en
practicumopgaven IWS

3 Matlab
3.1 Fundamentals
Matlab. The name Matlab stands for matrix laboratory.
Main principle. Matlab works with rectangular numerical matrices with possibly complex el­
ements. Special meaning is attached to 1­by 1 matrices, which are scalars and to matrices
with only one row or column, which are vectors. Operations and commands in Matlab are
intended to be natural in a matrix sense, not unlike how they might be indicated on paper.
Working mode. Matlab is an interactive system.
Matlab expressions. Matlab is an expression language. Expressions typed by user are inter­
preted and evaluated by the Matlab system. Matlab statements are of the form: variable
= expression or expression. variable is just a matrix name. expression is a composition
of Matlab function operators, special variables and other variables. If expression yields
more than one matrix then variable should be a list of matrix names, separated by comas,
enclosed by square brackets. In the case when ``variable ='' in Matlab statement is omitted


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering