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Revised August 27, 2010 Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research

Summary: Revised August 27, 2010
Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
The financial support described below pertains to guaranteed funding for the first year of graduate studies only. It is
recognized that receipt of the full guaranteed funding is conditional upon satisfactory academic performance being
maintained by the student throughout the first year of study. Students are eligible to apply for additional funding.
Name of Student: Last Name:_______________________________________ First Name______________________
A) Guaranteed Financial Support from Proposed Supervisor
a) Salary (work for hire; employment)
Amount $ ___________
b) Stipend (research award; allowance)
Amount $ ___________
Name of Supervisor(s): ________________________________ ________________________________
Signature(s): ________________________________ ________________________________
Date: ________________________________ ________________________________
Total Amount from Supervisor(s) $ _______________ (A)
B) Guaranteed Financial Support from Department/Faculty
Specify sources of this support (for current rates refer to: http://dev.www.uregina.ca/gradstudies/scholarships/fgsr_funding.jsp )
By indicating that funding will come from any of the Graduate Studies and Research sources, you are committing an
award(s) from your department allocation.


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics