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University ofMarylandGuidelines on Peer Review and Congressional "Earmarks"

Summary: University ofMarylandGuidelines
on Peer Review and Congressional "Earmarks"
The University of Maryland supports scientific peer review as the
Drimarv and best mechanism to allocate Federal research funds.
~ c c o r d i n ~ l ~ ,it is the normal practice of the University not to seek
Conaressionallv directed or 'earmarked" funds as a substitute for
available peer-;eviewed funds.
Exceptions and Qualifications
I. In rare instances, the University may choose to undertake efforts
to secure directed funding from Congress. Exceptions to the
University practice of obtaining research funding through merit-
based scientific peer review require the approval of the President
upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Research and
the endorsement of the Provost. Such exceptions should be few
and made only when, based on the considerations listed below,
the proposed initiative is so meritorious that the responsible
course is to proceed.
1. The principal investigator, school or college seeking
funding can demonstrate that all possible competitive-
based options, both private and government, have been


Source: Anisimov, Mikhail - Institute for Physical Science and Technology & Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Physics; Materials Science