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Matrix Pencil for Positioning in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network

Summary: Matrix Pencil for Positioning in Wireless Ad-hoc
Sensor Network
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Abstract. Wireless ad-hoc sensor networks (WASN) are attracting re-
search interest recently because of their various applications in distributed
monitoring, communication, and computing. In this paper, we concen-
trate on the range error problem of WASN positioning algorithms. A new
matrix pencil based time of arrival (TOA) positioning method (MPP) is
proposed for WASN. The new scheme employs matrix pencil for multi-
path time-delay estimation, and triangulation for absolute positioning.
Simulations in a square-room scenario show that the positioning perfor-
mance is generally robust to multipath effect and the positioning error
is limited to around one meter.
1 Introduction
Wireless ad-hoc sensor networks (WASN) are being developed for use in various
applications, ranging from monitoring of the environmental characteristics, to
home networking, medical applications and smart battlefields. Many such ser-
vices provided by WASN rely heavily on the acquisition of sensor nodes' position
information. In addition, position assisted routing [8] and minimum energy [7]


Source: Adve, Raviraj - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto


Collections: Engineering