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Important driving forces in livestock production and agriculture

Summary:  Important driving forces
in livestock production and agriculture
are responsible for major global shifts
in consumption, marketing, production
and trade:
Rising incomes.
Demographic shifts.
Technology in food chains.
Liberalization of trade and capital.
Incentive frameworks, sanitary standards
instigated by policy.
Labor and environmental policies.
Variable grain prices: decreasing prices over
the past four decades, but increasing trends
due to changes in land use and crop production
shifting from feed to biofuels.
Fluctuating energy cost and substantial
externalities, those by-products of activities
that affect the well-being of people or impact
the environment and are not reflected


Source: Archer, Steven R. - Savanna/Woodland Ecology Lab., School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology