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Independent Study Request for __Fall or __Spring Semester Student Section

Summary: Independent Study Request for __Fall or __Spring Semester
Student Section
_____________________________________________________ ___________ ___________________________________
Name (please print) Class Williams ID
____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
Subject Title of Proposed Study
All petitions should be submitted at the time of registration but must be submitted by the end of drop/add of the semester in
which the course is taken. When preregistering for independent study, also register for the course on SELFREG. If adding
during drop/add, this signed form constitutes permission of the instructor and the course will be added to your schedule.
Is this proposal for a group independent study? ________
Is this your only independent study this semester? ________ How many others have you already taken at Williams? _________
If there are costs for this project not covered by the sponsor or department, how will they be covered?
*Please complete the other side of this form before submitting it to the Registrar's Office*
Faculty Sponsor Section (see student's proposed course description on reverse side and/or attached page)
Please describe the intellectual merits of the project and why you believe the student is qualified to undertake it.
Why can't this project be completed within the confines of a regularly offered course?
How will you evaluate your student's performance during the Independent Study?
Beyond evaluation, what will be your involvement in the project? What is your estimate of weekly contact hours with the student?
Indicate your level of recommendation based on the quality of the proposal and/or your knowledge of the student's ability:


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics