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Volume200,number 3 CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 4 December1992 Two-and three-photon pumped exciton-induced chemistry

Summary: Volume200,number 3 CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 4 December1992
Two- and three-photon pumped exciton-induced chemistry
in liquid Kr
M.W. Hill, R. Zadoyan and V.A. Apkarian '
Deptiment of Chemistv, Universityof California, Irvine, CA 92717,USA
Received20August1992;in finalform 15September 1992
Multi-photonpumped, excitonmediated chargetransfer reactionsin NsOand F1doped liquid Kr are reported. Irradiationof
F&r solutionswith I 300fs pulsesat 320nm leadsto three-photon inducedemissionfrom KrsF(4 `F). Basedon transmission
measurements, a three-photon cross section of 2x lo-si(*t) cm6s2is extracted, and attributedto accessof Kr(n=2, j= 3/2)
exciton.Irradiation of NzO/Kr solutions,at 320and 225nm leadsrespectivelyto three-photon inducedand two-photoninduced
emissionfrom KJC(2 `X ). Crosscalibrationofthese signals,and usingknowntwo-photoncrosssectionsforreachingKrexcitona,
yieldsa three-photoncross sectionof 8X1O-*'cm6s*.
1. Introduction
The reactivity of excited Rydberg states of rare gas
atoms, Rg, is well catalogued in gas phase studies
[ l-41. Based on their reduced ionization potentials
Rg"atoms can be regarded as pseudo-alkalis. As such,
charge transfer initiated harpoon reactions, which
characterize the reactivity of alkaline atoms, is also
common to Rg*, viz.:


Source: Apkarian, V. Ara - Department of Chemistry, University of California, Irvine


Collections: Chemistry