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SMART-T: A system for novel fully automated anticipatory eye-tracking paradigms

Summary: SMART-T: A system for novel fully automated anticipatory
eye-tracking paradigms
Mohinish Shukla & Johnny Wen & Katherine S. White &
Richard N. Aslin
# Psychonomic Society, Inc. 2011
Abstract Anticipatory eye movements (AEMs) are a natural
and implicit measure of cognitive processing and have been
successfully used to document such important cognitive
capacities as learning, categorization, and generalization,
especially in infancy (McMurray & Aslin, Infancy, 6, 203
229, 2004). Here, we describe an improved AEM paradigm
to automatically assess online learning on a trial-by-trial
basis, by analyzing eye gaze data in each intertrial interval of
a training phase. Different measures of learning can be
evaluated simultaneously. We describe the implementation of
a system for designing and running a variety of such AEM
paradigms. Additionally, this system is capable of a wider
variety of gaze-contingent paradigms, as well as implementa-
tions of standard noncontingent paradigms. Our system,
Smart-T (System for Monitoring Anticipations in Real Time


Source: Aslin, Richard N. - Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester


Collections: Biology and Medicine