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BIM in 2007 are we there yet? Robert Amor1

Summary: BIM in 2007 are we there yet?
Robert Amor1
, Ying Jiang, Xiaofan Chen
Head of Department (Computer Science)
Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: trebor@cs.auckland.ac.nz
As the prevalence of BIM increases in A/E/C-FM disciplines it is timely to review the
standards that are being utilised and how well they are serving the discipline. The
analysis presented analyses the most common standard, the IAI's IFC, from a meta-
level and asks questions about the evolving model from the viewpoint of metrics for
data models as well as a low level analysis of the accuracy and correctness of
implementations of the data model interpreters. Metrics applied to the evolving
versions of the IFC schema can indicate the trajectory of the schema and profile areas
which may be of concern in the maintenance of the schema and applications that have
to utilise the schema. Analysis of the approaches to importing and exporting data for
design tools, based on the schema, help indicate how market ready the technology
really is. Where commercial projects are starting to rely on the standards as a


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences