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Distributed mediation of imperfectly sensed context in aware environments

Summary: Distributed mediation of imperfectly sensed context in
aware environments
Anind K. Dey, Jennifer Mankoff and Gregory D. Abowd
College of Computing & Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280
{anind, jmankoff, abowd}@cc.gatech.edu
Current context-aware services make the assumption that
the context they are dealing with is correct. However, in
reality, both sensed and interpreted context is often imper-
fect. In this paper, we describe an architecture that supports
the building of context-aware services that assume context
is imperfect and allows for the refinement of this imperfect
context by mobile users in aware-environments. We discuss
the architectural mechanisms and design heuristics that
arise from supporting this refinement over space and time.
We illustrate the use of our architecture and heuristics
through two example context-aware services, an In-Out
Board for the home and a situation-aware reminder tool.


Source: Abowd, Gregory D. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences