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September 2009 To Institutions of Postsecondary Education

Summary: September 2009
To Institutions of Postsecondary Education:
In anticipation of the 2010 Census, we are providing postsecondary institutions with this
guidance on the applicability of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
to the disclosure of certain personally identifiable information from student education
records to representatives of the U. S. Census Bureau (Bureau). Please note that this
guidance updates the April 2000 guidance issued by this Office regarding disclosures to
the Bureau for the 2000 Census.
The Bureau has indicated that census takers will visit colleges and universities on three
occasions. Between September 28, 2009, to October 23, 2009, Bureau representatives will
visit institutions to determine if group living quarters, such as college residence halls and
dormitories, exist at the school and, if so, obtain the address of the dorms, the number of
students living in those group quarters, and the contact person (i.e., Resident Assistant
(RA)) for each group housing. The number of dorms and the identity of the contact
official will be verified sometime between February 1, 2010, and March 12, 2010.
Between April 1, 2010, and May 14, 2010, Bureau representatives will ask for "directory
information" on the students living in group housing. Specifically, the Bureau will
request the following "directory information" items on these students: names and campus
addresses. After receiving "directory information" on students living in the campus
housing, Bureau representatives will provide RAs with envelopes addressed to each


Source: Azevedo, Ricardo - Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology