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Introduction: Valid Protection or Abusive Control?

Summary: Introduction: Valid Protection
or Abusive Control?
ABSTRACT Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are often touted by the
copyright material distribution industry as a `solution' to the `problem' of
digital content and peer-to-peer sharing of copyright information. We
introduce the law and technology overlap issues this generates, and present
some motivating examples as to why this is an area in need of significant
academic study.
The memetic view of human culture, first codified by Dawkins,1
classifies information as
the basic element of culture. Whether that information is expressed in sounds (speech,
music or non-speech utterances) or in vision (graphics, writing, sculpture) it is in the inter-
action of sender and receiver via the transport medium that culture is created. Control of
the information people receive gives a measure of control over what and how they think.
Perfect control over information reception is, of course, impossible. Since the develop-
ment of the movable-type printing press technology development has been making the
transmission of information quicker, easier and cheaper. However, until the development
of the home computer and the rise of Internet access, multi-generational copying pro-


Source: Adams, Andrew A. - School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences