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CS 6100 Program 1 Mars Explorer (20 points) Due Feb 3, 2011

Summary: CS 6100 Program 1 Mars Explorer (20 points)
Due Feb 3, 2011

Create an applet (or other visual program) which allows the user to see the behavior of reactive agents.

The Mars Explorer scenario was presented by L Steels. The objectives are
to explore a distant planet, and in particular,
to collect sample of a precious rock
the location of the samples is not known in advance, but it is known that they tend to be
Agents are limited in the amount of sample they can carry at a given time
Obstacles impede motion in some cells

The model includes
mother ship broadcasts radio signal which weakens with distance. Thus, an agent knows how to
return to the mother ship and how far away it is.
no map of the area is available and the agents have insufficient space to store one
We are interested in the collaborative best solution which is based on the amount of sample
collected in a specified number of time steps.
There is no means of contacting other agents directly. The only communication is stigmergic


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences