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A Resistive Mesh Phantom for Assessing the Performance of EIT Systems

Summary: 1
A Resistive Mesh Phantom for Assessing the
Performance of EIT Systems
Herv´e Gagnon*, Martin Cousineau, Andy Adler, and Alzbeta E. Hartinger, Student Member, IEEE
Abstract--Assessing the performance of electrical impedance
tomography (EIT) systems usually requires a phantom for valida-
tion, calibration or comparison purposes. This paper describes a
resistive mesh phantom to assess the performance of EIT systems
while taking into account cabling stray effects similar to in vivo
conditions. This phantom is built with 340 precision resistors
on a printed circuit board (PCB) representing a 2D circular
homogeneous medium. It also integrates equivalent electrical
models of the Ag/AgCl electrode impedances. The parameters of
the electrode models were fitted from impedance curves measured
with an impedance analyzer. The technique used to build the
phantom is general and applicable to phantoms of arbitrary
shape and conductivity distribution. We describe three perfor-
mance indicators that can be measured with our phantom for
every measurement of an EIT data frame: signal-to-noise ratio,
accuracy, and modeling accuracy. These performance indicators


Source: Adler, Andy - Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences