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background Na+ conductance in pacemaking activity is unproven,

Summary: background Na+ conductance in
pacemaking activity is unproven,
only the hasty would suggest that
it is unlikely. Arrested pacemaker
cells have membrane potentials of
-35mY: some outward current
must flow in these preparations,
presumably during diastole. What-
ever the current is, it does not
appear to be generated by If or
by Ca2+ channels7 and it might
well be a background Na+ con-
Contrary to the statements of
DiFrancesco et al. the responses
to vagal stimulation are not
mimicked by inhibiting /f or by
resetting the activation potential
of If to more negative values. The
inhibition of If by Cs+ does not


Source: Apkarian, A. Vania - Department of Physiology, Northwestern University


Collections: Biology and Medicine