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Assigning Schema Labels Using Ontology And Hueristics Ruoming Jin

Summary: Assigning Schema Labels Using Ontology And Hueristics
Xuan Zhang
Ruoming Jin
Gagan Agrawal

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210

Department of Computer Science
Kent State University, Kent OH 44242
Bioinformatics data is growing at a phenomenal rate. Besides the ex-
ponential growth of individual databases, the number of data deposi-
tories is increasing too. Because of the complexity of the biological
concepts, bioinformatics data usually has complex data structures and
cannot be easily captured with relational model. As a result, various
flat-file formats have been used. Although easy for human interpreta-
tion, flat-file formats lack of standards and are hard to be recognized


Source: Agrawal, Gagan - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences