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Notes on the final exam Math 431, Spring 2011

Summary: Notes on the final exam
Math 431, Spring 2011
Instructor: David F. Anderson
Final Exam Notes
Time and Place: The final exam will be held in Van Vleck room B239 from 12:25PM until
2:25PM on Tuesday, May 10th.
Topics covered: The final is cumulative, thus *all* the topics covered in lectures, the book
(in the sections we covered), and the homework problems (that were assigned), could arise
on the final.
Formula provided: I will not provide formulas. You need to know the probability mass
functions for the most common discrete random variables and the density functions (and
cumulative distribution functions) for the most common continuous random variables. Of
course, you could also just derive them.
I would say the "most important" (whatever that means) random variables are
Discrete Continuous
Bernoulli uniform
Binomial Normal
Poisson Exponential
On top of simply knowing the formula's for the p.m.f. or density for these random


Source: Anderson, David F. - Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Mathematics