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Fundamenta Informaticae XXI (2001) 10011053 1001 : A Linear Language with Locations

Summary: Fundamenta Informaticae XXI (2001) 10011053 1001
IOS Press
: A Linear Language with Locations
Amal Ahmed, Matthew Fluet
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637
amal@tti-c.org; fluet@tti-c.org
Greg Morrisett
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Abstract. We present a simple, but expressive type system that supports strong updates--updating
a memory cell to hold values of unrelated types at different points in time. Our formulation is based
upon a standard linear lambda calculus and, as a result, enjoys a simple semantic interpretation for
types that is closely related to models for spatial logics. The typing interpretation is strong enough
that, in spite of the fact that our core programming language supports shared, mutable references
and cyclic graphs, every well-typed program terminates.
We then consider extensions needed to model ML-style references, where the capability to access
a reference cell is unrestricted, but strong updates are disallowed. Our extensions include a thaw


Source: Ahmed, Amal - School of Informatics, Indiana University
Fluet, Matthew - Department of Computer Engineering , Rochester Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences